Verzine Hovasapyan
Verzine Hovasapyan
At-Large Director

Verzine is a dedicated professional who has devoted her entire adult life to building a successful career at Pacific Sales, advancing through various positions to eventually manage a multi-million dollar store.

Apart from her career, Verzine is actively involved in her 16-year-old daughter's school and the PTSA, showcasing her commitment to her child's education and the school community.

She enjoys taking on stretch assignments at work, allowing her to test and implement new programs, showcasing her passion for growth and innovation.

Currently, Verzine holds the position of Premium Manager for Pacific Sales Kitchen and Home, utilizing her expertise in managing premium products and services.

She is also a proud representative of EIG (Best Buy's enterprise inclusion group) for Pacific Sales, emphasizing her dedication to promoting diversity and inclusion within the company.

Recently, Verzine joined the Pasadena ASID Board to expand her network and foster relationships within her community.

Overall, Verzine's commitment to her career, involvement in her daughter's school, and active participation in professional organizations highlight her hard work, dedication, and desire for personal and professional growth.