President's Message - July 2, 2020

Dear ASID Members:

I have been discussing with many of you where ASID is going after this pandemic moves on.  I had someone tell me yesterday that she sent in her renewal but she was not sure what to expect from ASID in the future. I want to address that as best I can. 

To me, ASID has been about a sense of professional community. Relationships and having a handle on reliable resources.  That is true for all of us. That will not change. How we reach out and exchange information might. Right now were working hard to bring our Sponsors to our membership’s attention thru ongoing social media posts. We are increasing opportunities for CEU’s for continuing education, and Zoom meetings that include cocktail hours and student mentoring opportunities. 

I have had clients find us thru the ‘Find a Designer’ on the ASID Website. This is a bonus to be sure, but only one reason I maintain my good standing with ASID. For me, it’s the ongoing relationships with other Designers, meeting new sources and local talent, and encouraging students thru this trying time. I would like to encourage all of you to hang on. Stay connected. This will pass and when it does, the monthly mixers, CEUs, and field trips to showrooms are only going to be better than ever. 

As President, this has been a rough year to be sure! Our commitment to the Pasadena Showcase House has not wavered, we are ready when they are to open to the public and when that finally happens I think there is going to be a cheer heard thru the San Gabriel Valley emanating from the ASID Pool House Lounge. Please keep your eyes open for more events and opportunities to grow your profession while in this time of isolation. And reach out! We would love to hear from you. 

One last thing, were having elections (actually were behind the ball on this) We need to fill three positions on the Board, President Elect, Membership, and Professional Development. Please consider filling one of these positions. Next year’s President will be Lynnelle Bryant and its going to be a year filled with new opportunity and a serious focus on developing and maintaining relationships. Give it some thought and if you have any questions at all please feel free to contact me directly at (213) 247-5172 .

All the best, 

Susan Sawasy, ASID Pasadena President