2017-2018 Sponsorship Cover Letter and Payment Form

Dear Valued ASID Member,

Thank you for your long time support and sponsorship of our ASID Pasadena Chapter. Our Chapter is 
able to achieve the work we do in great part due to the support of members such as you. We are 
proud to announce 2017-2018 CA Pasadena ASID Chapter’s Sponsorship opportunities (attached). Rather 
than requesting your sponsorship multiple times throughout the coming year, we have developed one 
complete and comprehensive sponsorship campaign for the entire fiscal year.  This year we are also 
giving our sponsors the opportunity to be a Premier Sponsor of one of our three major events of the 
year –

Holiday Party – December 2017 Design Trends 2018 Expo – March 2018 Home Show – Fall 2018

In addition to exposure to our more than 300 unique subscribers we will provide greater exposure 
for our sponsors through our targeted social media campaigns in platforms including Facebook, 
Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, but also in strategically placed digital publications, post card 
distribution and print ads.

Please review the attached Sponsorship Sheet. A board member will contact you shortly to discuss in 
detail and answer any questions. Be sure to share this email and Sponsorship Sheet with others you 
feel will benefit.

With your help, we can achieve our goal of being the source of design innovation, education and 
inspiration for our members and our public.

We look forward to your continued support.



Debbie L. Talianko
President, CA Pasadena ASID Chapter

CA Pasadena ASID Chapter | 1000 E. Walnut Avenue, #108 | Pasadena, CA  91106 (626) 795-6898   | 



Yes! Please reserve my spot for the following sponsorship level.

My Name/Company Name     _____________________________________________

Diamond        $7,500
Platinum         $5,000
Gold  $2,500       Rose Gold $1,500        Silver $500

I would like to be a Diamond Sponsor and I would like to be the premier sponsor for:

Holiday Dinner Party Design Trends Expo Home and Kitchen Tour

I am enclosing my check for $ __________ Payable to:  CA Pasadena ASID Chapter

Credit Card Authorization

Date: ________       Company Name: ____________________________________________          

Credit Card Type (circle one) Visa     Master Card     AMEX

Total Amount to be charged to card: $  ___________
Credit Card #                           

Expiration Date:         
_______________________CCV # _______________________________

Authorized   Name:   

Authorized   Signature:   

Credit Card Billing Address:    
_____________________________________________ City/State/Zip: ________________

Telephone:   ______________________________


CA Pasadena ASID Chapter | 1000 E. Walnut Avenue, #108 | Pasadena, CA  91106 (626) 795-6898   |